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10 Youtube Yoga Flows For a Happier Mind

  • 2 min read

Whatever your level of yoga, if you are practicing for just 20 minutes every day, your physical and mental health will benefit tremendously. A sequence of slow movements with deep breaths increases your blood circulation and holding certain poses helps to build strength. Practicing yoga is holistic and increases your mental energy and lessens negative feelings. Yoga supports stress management and will give you a happier mind.

Joining in a yoga session once or twice a week is ideal and using your yoga mat every day at home is the perfect way to maximize the many benefits of yoga. 

There are many yoga videos available on YouTube and we bring you 10 free yoga flows for a happier mind (and healthier lifestyle):   

Yoga for Happiness With ChriskaYoga




This is a soft and relaxing 30-minute practice with Christina of Chriskayoga. If you do not have enough time, Christina also offers a 10-minute session you can follow.


SMILE Yoga Flow By Awakened Actions




The 20-minute SMILE Yoga flow is a happiness yoga flow that was filmed on a gorgeous beach and will soon have you daydreaming!


Melt Away Anxiety




In this beautiful flow, Sanela helps to gently reduce stress and anxiety.


Relaxing Yoga for Happiness with Meera




Enjoy 30 minutes of de-stress yoga with Yoga Therapist, Meera Hoffman. This is another relaxing yoga flow by PsycheTruth which is specifically designed for beginners.


Easy Mood Boosting Yoga Routine to Be Happy




Why not promise yourself happiness today? This yoga flow by
FitSphere by Liv Loincludes some good tips and exercises.  


Stress Relief Yoga - A Relaxed & Calming Flow To Clear Your Mind




If you are feeling stressed and wanting to relax and release tension, this 10-minute yoga flow by Boho Beautiful Yoga will soon have you feeling peaceful, more balanced, and happier.


Daily Routine to Relax & Unwind with Jessica Richburg




If it is the end of a busy working day and you are not feeling your best, this 20-minute yoga flow is aimed at relaxing your body, calming your mind, and making you feel happier.


Yoga Joy - Full Body Vinyasa by Yoga With Adriene




Embrace yoga joy and benefit from mental, physical, and emotional well-being and happiness.


Move and Be Calm for a Happy Day by KinoYoga




This one-hour session takes you from a gentle warm-up, through standing poses, hip openers and core poses. This flow offers peace and harmony amid the hustle and bustle of your daily life and is ideal for all levels.


30 Minute Hatha Yoga Happiness by Fightmaster Yoga



They say that laughter is the best medicine of all and this 30-minute Hatha yogaflow with Lesley will definitely make you feel a total boost of positivity!

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