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Yoga Escapes

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Yoga offers numerous health benefits and more people are now including it in their holidays to maximize the effects of being away from home – especially after the many difficult months of the pandemic. Yoga escapes definitely add another dimension to traveling and unique yoga retreats can be found all over the world. Picture yourself on your yoga mat on a beautiful beach, on a hilltop among the mountains, or by a tranquil lake, and promise yourself a yoga escape next year – if not before!

Enjoy a UK breakaway

If you are in need of a break that gives you the opportunity to enjoy deep relaxation and nourish your soul, there are many yoga retreats to enjoy in the UK. There are some that are just a few days long, others are just for the weekend and of course, there are longer duration retreats available too. British retreats can be found in the Scottish Highlands, Wales, and many parts of England, near the nation’s best beaches and in the most scenic countryside. Breaking away from city life couldn’t be easier! If for example, you are in London, there are several wonderful weekend retreats to enjoy just a short distance away in Kent! 

The retreats help to heal the mind, body, and spirit. There are retreats available for all levels of yoga and many encourage you to be active by combining yoga with activities like dancing, fitness, surfing, and hiking.

Get your passport ready!

If you fancy a breakaway in Europe or further afield, Book Yoga Retreats is one of the market leaders. BookYogaRetreats encourages everyone to ‘enjoy a simple life and discover a more soulful way of being’and offers a wide variety of breaks from 3- 22 day+ with departures all year round. There are holidays with regular yoga sessions and others combined with mindfulness, meditation, pampering, cookery, sport, and outdoor activities. 

There are four breaks to choose from in France, including one designed for yoga beginners. There are two urban retreats in the heart of Barcelona and a yoga and surf camp in Portugal - amongst many other European destinations. If you fancy traveling further afield there are wonderful retreats in the Americas, Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East. There is something for all levels of yoga and to suit all budgets. The descriptions for each destination are really detailed with information about the activities offered and the yoga instructors.  

Experience luxury around the globe

What better way to relax than in luxury? It certainly sounds tempting as we lead such busy lives and finding time for a regular yoga session can sometimes prove difficult! Nomadikas is a company that loves yoga, meditation, and holistic health and these are the key elements in every holiday. The company offers oases for independent travelers in stunning locations surrounded by natural beauty. Nomadikas is totally committed to nature and the environment so all of its retreats are eco-friendly and sustainable as well as being unique.


Nomadikas / Image source:

Nomadikas / Image source:

Or the world’s best yoga retreats

There are so many amazing places to visit if you are seeking a Zen-filled yoga escape. Amongst the top yoga retreats are an adapted Maharaja’s palace in the Himalayas and a mystical Buddhist shrine in Thailand. There is a long list of amazing retreats and we bring you just three to start you thinking.  

In the foothills of the Himalayas

Ananda is a majestic maharaja’s palace that nestles in the foothills of the Himalayas with the waters of the Ganges far below.  This area is where hatha yoga is said to have begun. The name ‘Ananda’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘bliss’. You can take a wellness journey there which includes Ayurvedic treatments, daily meditation sessions, and yoga Nidra. 


Ananda Resort / Image source:

Ananda Resort / Image source:

In a Balinese rainforest

Yoga devotees have been visiting the Como Shambala Estate in Bali for many years as it is the perfect place to experience the island’s ethos of Tri Hita Karanawhich means ‘harmony between humans and nature’. This stunning Balinese retreat is located in a valley in the lush rainforest and feels a million miles from civilization, but in reality, is just a short distance from the colorful urban chaos of Ubud. Imagine the simple joys of waking to birdsong and having daily Ayurvedic yoga classes by a babbling river. In your spare time, there are temples and the jungle to explore – amazing!


Combo Shambala Estate/ Image source: Soul Sanctuaries

Combo Shambala Estate/ Image source: Soul Sanctuaries

Or the beautiful Tuscan countryside

Closer to home, is the Secret Yoga Club at Villa Lena which is situated amongst the olive groves and rolling hills of Tuscany. There are yoga sessions on a large wooden deck as the sun rises and leisure times can be spent wandering through vineyards and olive groves. Dinner is prepared using produce from local farms. Villa Lena offers its guests the perfect remedy to everyday stress as ‘an all-encompassing physical and emotional retreat’.


Villa Lena / Image source:

Villa Lena / Image source:


Wherever you choose to take a yoga retreat you will find it a life-changing experience that is healing both for physical and mental health. It will give you the chance to meditate and contemplate, which will help you with any mental or emotional issues you are facing. Going on a yoga retreat can also help to heal your body from physical injury or chronic illness. Best of all, it will be a holiday filled with positive energy as you will be surrounded with positive thoughts and feelings.

You will be returning home with a suitcase filled with happy memories and positive vibes – it can’t get better than that! 

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