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Yoga Pants Everyday

  • 3 min read
Wearing comfortable, practical active wear is essential for yoga workouts but also for everyday wear! Many manufacturers are now offering high quality, stylish clothing made from sustainable fabrics that are ethnically sourced and the clothing is made using eco-friendly production processes. The result is that you can choose clothing that you will enjoy wearing and can rest assured that it has been made in a way that protects our wonderful world.

Leggings with higher waists

At last, comfort is being given top priority with the latest generation of leggings that feature higher more comfortable waistlines that do not move around or slide down and offer good tummy control and core support. Some of the new styles of leggings feature ultra-high waistbands so they are not too revealing and can be easily be worn home from the gym after a workout.

Longline sports bras

Beautifully styled and coloured, longline sports bras are perfect for yoga and the great news is that there is a wide range of bras to choose from and no excuse for not feeling comfortable!

As well as a myriad of colours and fabrics, some are seamless with criss-cross back styling and others with the popular racer back. There are a variety of necklines to choose from, as well as padded and non-padded and with or without under wires. There is also a choice of low impact, medium and high impact bras. All longline sports bras sit lower down on the rib cage than traditional sports bras and look great with leggings or joggers.

Plain colours are giving way to patterns!

For many years yoga had almost a uniform of black leggings with a coloured top but fabrics are getting more fashionable now and patterns are starting to appear including camouflage and animal prints, dots and checks!

Another new comer to the leisurewear trend is personalised active wear. Just as people love cups, casual bags and tee-shirts emblazoned with their name, initials or favourite slogan, the same now applies to leggings and longline sports bras!

While plain colours are still proving popular, matching patterned sets are gaining ground fast and many attractive matching sets can now be spotted in gyms everywhere. Buying co-ordinated items of yoga clothing is fast-catching on – especially as many are now wearing them for working from home and also home workouts. As most business meetings are still being held on Zoom rather than in conference rooms, the line between professional and casual wear is fast blurring.

New seamless and moisture-absorbing fabrics

More and more items of activity wear are being manufactured seamless and that has to be good news! Seams after all, can be troublesome as they can be itchy and they can chafe the skin. New circular manufacturing techniques are dispelling with a high number of seams – for example, from four to just two in a pair of leggings.

Designers and manufacturers are currently working on the next generation of fabrics for activewear and these will be really high-performance. The fabrics will be more absorbent and are also going to incorporate anti-bacterial properties that will inhibit the development of microbes and are also toxin-free.

A selection of smaller manufacturers with exciting ranges of activity wear that feature sustainable and ecologically friendly organic fabrics can be found onYogi Approved.

The yoga fashion trends for 2021 are certainly not only looking good, but the new lines in clothing are also proving super comfortable which has to be great news. With more and more manufacturers embracing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes this certainly fits well with the ethos of yoga.

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