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Yoga wear for every day, everywhere, any time

  • 3 min read

Skimming through social or looking at your favourite brand’s new season styles, it quickly becomes apparent that yoga wear is no longer being relegated to a corner, but is featured as the new go-to casual look for every day. The big news is that yoga wear is not just for the gym anymore, but can be an important part of your wardrobe - for all occasions.

Especially yoga leggings are the piece that most of us couldn’t live without anymore. The key to success is definitely to invest in a good quality pair that are made from breathable material that fits well and looks good. With body positivity becoming more important than ever, yoga pants, suits, and sets are suitable for all ages and body types and are a great wardrobe staple for everyone to enjoy wearing!

Buying the perfect yoga pants

When you are trying on a pair of yoga pants look at yourself in the mirror and consider these points:

Are the yoga pants too tight? 

Are they digging into your hips or do you have a very visible pantie line (VPL)? Yoga pants should look chic and streamlined, but they shouldn’t look baggy either.

Brands do vary tremendously, so it is well worth trying on several different styles to find the perfect pair. For extra comfort, check that the pants are made from a breathable material. 




Are the yoga pants the correct thickness? 

Yoga pants vary tremendously in thickness and the thinner ones can definitely reveal all in daylight!  It is best to pay a little more and get pants made from good quality material as they will look better and last longer.


@andreeamikhael wearing @rblyoga

@andreeamikhael wearing @rblyoga


Of course, the other leading question is what to wear under yoga pants! Many favourite thongs, but if you are brave enough (as I now am!) going commando is definitely the best option. Feels strange at first, but you can relax more easily knowing you haven’t got a VPL!

What colour yoga pants?

Black or navy yoga pants are definitely the classic choice and the most versatile, but there are some really bold prints around too and these can look really good with a smart plain coloured top that matches the predominant colour in the print looks great.  

What shoes to wear? 

At a yoga class there is no worry about footwear because yoga is always done on bare feet, but wearing yoga pants out and about is very different! Trainers are definitely the most popular footwear in 2021 and simply styled ones are perfect. But yoga pants look good with classic flat sandals, too. When the weather gets colder, yoga pants will work with any kind of boots you have, too including OTK (over the knee), knee-length, and ankle boots with leg warmers to cover the gap.


Sources via Splash News

Sources via Splash News


What top do I choose?  

For a casual look, team your yoga pants with an oversized tee. If you prefer tighter tops, you can choose a cropped top or simply your yoga bra with a light overshirt on top. A very simple, casual look is to wear a white or cream textured cotton jumper over your pants with simply styled trainers to match. The number one trend here is to make it all fit together, so wear a monochrome look with your yoga pants and bra/top and you can’t go wrong.

Yoga pants work really well with layers, too, so this autumn you will be able to wear them with baggy jumpers, hoodies, and cardigans. Don’t forget to add a pair of sunglasses as they always look snazzy! 

Whichever way you wear them, the best thing is that while living in a work-from-home society, we can even stay in our comfy wear while hustling from conference calls to over hours.

Our new favourite wardrobe essential

Yoga pants are simply the best. Today’s trend goes towards a styling that makes you feel like you can be confident and yourself and confident, but comfort and versatility have just become as important. 

Wearing your yoga outfit doesn’t merely look sporty anymore. With the right styling, athleisure wear has become our new best friend, making it a lot easier to decide on what we want to wear each morning.

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